NNYADP Research: Apple Thinning & Economic Data Results, 3/18 Webinar

Peru, New York; February 11, 2022  The 2021 results of precision apple orchard management research funded by the Northern New York Agricultural Development Program are now posted under the Research: Horticulture and Local Foods tab at (see About Us: NNYADP Projects tab).

The research, aimed at fully understanding how to best incorporate the use of computer-based fruit physiology modeling into timing orchard thinning practices to achieve optimal crop load and quality, includes data on the use of alternative thinning products and evaluates the economic impact. Read more here at Northern New York Agricultural Development Program…

NNYADP precision apple orchard project leader Michael Basedow collects apple king blossoms for measurement in the 2021 research trial in NNY orchards. Photo: Andy Galimberti

Basedow will present the results of these in-orchard thinning trials in more detail as part of a “What’s New in Crop Load Management” webinar via Zoom from 1:30 to 4:45 pm on March 18, 2022. To register, go here…